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About Draco Innovative Solutions

Our Nation is getting hit hard by COVID-19, with new Coronavirus cases exponentially increasing each day. Let Draco Protect your assets, people, brand, and bottom line with regularly scheduled commercial cleaning services from the leading professional cleaning company. Take advantage of our deep cleaning services at just 25 cents per square foot that will guarantee to disinfect your work area.

Step 1: Contact Draco to set up your Nu-Foamicide Deep Cleaning anytime, nights and weekends.

Step 2: Draco will come to your location and start disinfecting your home or office with our Nu-Foamicide which kills germs on a surface of desk, walls, carpet and everything in the home our office. The Nu-Formicide will not leave residue and is safe for all electronic equipment.

Step 3: Let the Nu-Foamicide dry for about 10-15 minutes while it kills all bacteria including COVID 19, HIV, HBV and HCV.

Step 4: Enjoy the confidence and security of knowing your office or home has been disinfected and call Draco again when needed.