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About WealthWave

WealthWave is bringing an end to the global crisis of financial illiteracy by disrupting the largest industry in the world—the financial industry.

Unlike the rest of the industry who overlook the majority of North Americans or take advantage of them, we fight for families by first teaching them how money really works and then by helping them create the financial security and independence they deserve.

With thousands of entrepreneurs across North America, WealthWave’s team of educators are united to stamp out financial illiteracy. With world-class training, tools, and technology our leaders are building scalable businesses without limits as we spearhead our crusade.

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Take the HowMoneyWorks Challenge!

43% of all Americans can't answer the most basic questions about how money works. Can you?


Should You Give Your Child an Allowance?

Teaching your kids how to handle money is important. But how you go about giving them cash can set precedents that last a lifetime.


Healthy Financial Habits

Habits are behaviors that we do so frequently that they feel second nature. Healthy money habitsopen up a whole new world of financial fitness!

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