8 Best Trails in Castle Rock, CO

Castle Rock was once a small town but is now one of America’s fastest-growing cities. Here is our list of favorite trail systems and parks located in Castle Rock so you can get out and explore this great city.

1.Rock Park Loop Trail

Rock Park Loop Trail is a quick 1.9-mile hike with a great view of the town of Castle Rock and the front range. It is a perfect hike to bring both the kids and dogs along. The trail leads up to the rock’s base, and many people will climb the rest of the way up the rock. Just be careful if you decide to climb the rock, as it is quite steep. There isn’t a lot of shade on the trail, so it makes for a good early morning or late evening hike during the summer. If you do decide to go out in the afternoon be sure to bring sunscreen and some water! This hike is free and can be done in less than an hour.

2.Ridgeline Open Space Loop

This trail is a moderately difficult 9-mile loop, and the surrounding open space consists of 370 acres of public land. This mountain biking hot-spot sits right outside the city. It is not just for mountain biking, but also a good spot for trail running. Just be watchful of rattlesnakes and mountain lions. Dogs are welcome to join you on this trail but must be kept on a leash. During the warmer months, wildflowers can be seen surrounding the trail. There will not be much shade so make sure you come prepared with water and sunscreen.

3.Mitchell Creek Canyon Trail

To access Mitchell Creek Canyon Trail, you will begin in Founders Village. Then this hike will begin along the floor of a narrow rocky canyon, working up to the rim of the canyon. It’s a 1.5-mile trail that takes you through four different habitats, making it quite unique and stunning, with many great spots to stop and take photos. Rated as moderate to difficult, this trail packs a punch for a short distance. Mountain bikes and horses are not allowed on this trail.

4. Cherry Creek Trail Loop in Castlewood Canyon State Park

Cherry Creek Trail Loop in Castlewood Canyon is an easy 1.8-mile trail with plenty of shade. As you make your way along this hike, you will come across a waterfall, wildflowers, picnic areas, and the ruins of old structures. Another great family-friendly hike that is wonderful in all seasons with countless boulders to climb around on.

5.Challenge Hill Blue Loop Trail

Challenge Hill is a short 0.6-mile loop with 200 steps to the top. It’s referred to as the “mini-incline” in reference to the infamous Colorado Springs hike. As you take on those 200 steps you will finish with a great view of Castle Rock and can take the Blue Trail down! Many people choose to take on this loop multiple times in a day. This is a perfect place to train for more difficult climbs like a 14er!

6.Chuck’s Loop

This forested canyon is Part of the Mitchell Creek Trail System, full of cool rocks and impressive terrain. Chuck’s Loop overlooks Franktown and the Cherry Creek Valley, with beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains starting from Pikes Peak and continuing on to the northwest. Chuck’s Loop is a 1.6-mile trail rated as easy, which makes it perfect for families with young kids.

7.Lake Gulch Trail in Castlewood Canyon State Park

Lake Gulch Trail is a 1.6 mile trek with a spectacular view. A great spot to go hiking but also recommended for trail running,  nature trips, and bird watching. This trail is accessible all year-round. A great hike that features small boulders, incredible views and a beautiful creek with a waterfall.   Leashed dogs are allowed on the trail, so feel free to bring your furry friends along!

8.Glendale Farm Trail

Glendale Farm Trail is an easy 1.6-mile loop located between Lone Tree and Castle Pines. A mellow nature walk that leads to a sweet outcrop with a great, open view. From the highest point on the trail you’ll see views of Devils Head, Pikes Peak and more. The route features beautiful wildflowers and is good for all skill levels. Make sure to bring your dog with you to bring them to the dog park that is just adjacent to this trail. Horses and Mountain Bikes are welcome as well.  It’s another great spot to hike all year-round!

Do you have another favorite park or trail in Castle Rock? Let us know in the comments!

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